Sierra de Mijas Hiking Trail
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Buy a property on the Costa del Sol close to the mountains

The Costa del Sol is much more than the sun and beach. It is also amazingly wild and accessible to nature. Watch the video below, where Jacob has laced up his hiking boots and been taken on a hike in the mountains of Mijas with Daniel and Patrick. Patrick MacDonald is Mojo´s Wealth Manager and British Senior Broker and Daniel is our Marketing Executive. Team Mojo started out at the urbanization Buena Vista, which we have visited before. Here lies ‘Mirador’, a lookout point, as they do in so many Spanish mountain towns. From here they set out and put some good kilometers in the hiking trails that Mijas mountain is full of. Along the way, there was also room for some fun, beautiful drone clips, and well, a few cold San Miguels.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in mountain hiking, there are routes to suit your level. The Mijas mountain (Sierra de Mijas) has a sea of ​​hiking trails that vary in difficulty, ascent, length, etc. Some of the routes connect the entire Costa del Sol (definitely not for beginners).

The wild nature of the Costa del Sol
– Sierra de Mijas

One of the most sought-after areas, and the reason why so many choose to buy housing on the Costa del Sol, is accessibility. This is something that Mojo Estates often focuses on. If you are into partying and colours, it is richly available to you here. If you want to throw yourself on one of the Costa del Sol´s many beaches, just bring your beach towel. If you want to ski, just drive up to the slopes of Sierra Nevada. And if you are into overwhelming nature experiences, you will get it in abundance. Wherever you choose to buy property on the Costa del Sol, you are guaranteed to have wonderful nature experiences within 10 minutes from your front door. This is what we call having a good Mojo.

Having a hiking trail closeby can be something very special. You do not have to walk too far along the path before the world around you disappears. Traffic, stress, everyday things are allowed to take a step back to make room for new thoughts and inspiration. And then there are some wild graphic impressions you get on such a mountain hike. Sunsets on the Costa del Sol are always enormously beautiful, but we can safely say that it is no less beautiful to be viewed from 1150 meters above sea level, as Jacob and co. caught on the video.

Wildlife of the Costa del Sol

In the video, Jacob and Patrick climbed the mountain on foot. It is far from the only way to do it, although it is probably the most suitable when you want to film along the way. There are many who use the Costa del Sol mountain ranges for climbing, cycling, running, motocross, or even horseback riding. In fact, the Costa del Sol has enormously rich wildlife, which is especially allowed to unfold in the mountains, where you can experience sitting and looking down on birds of prey hunting in the valley or encounter a group of mountain goats trotting over even the most impassable rock pieces.
In the mountains of the Costa del Sol you will find:

Take a look at the homes for sale in Mijas, which is on Mojo’s website right now, and notice how close you are to nature, the Mijas mountains (and thus also the wildlife) in every single home. Contact Mojo Estates if you want to realize your Spanish dream home with nature in your backyard.

Per Moensted

04 Mar 2021

Per Moensted