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Mojo Capitals: Review of our investment projects on the Costa del Sol

There is always something new happening at Mojo! This time, we have a new video ready for you with the two founders of Mojo Estates, Per Mønsted (Mr Mo) and Jacob Johansen (Mr Jo), from our brand new green screen studio. They review four of our twelve reference projects in connection with the last investment round in Mojo Capitals I A/S. This gives you an insight into how things are going with the properties we have bought and renovated in Marbella and Mijas – and what ROI we expect to achieve.

It may sound very serious when we talk about reference projects, ROI and investing in properties in Spain, but we can promise you that there are plenty of exciting things to look at in the video below. So grab a coffee (or a gin and tonic) and enjoy our latest video.

A unique investment opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to become part of something bigger; the latest addition to House of Mojo and the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Costa del Sol, Mojo Capitals I A/S! There is no time to waste, as the last investment round in 2022 ends on the 15th of September.

How do you become an investor? It takes a minimum investment of 100.000 euros which is the minimum requirement by the EU. As one of the exclusive investors in Mojo Capitals I A/S, you will become part of a much bigger concept built up on the lifestyle on the best coastline in Europe, our beloved Costa del Sol.

If you do not make this investment round, you might get another chance when we open for the second REIT, Mojo Capitals II A/S. The next investment round will thus be from the 1st of April to the 15th of May 2023.

What is Mojo Capitals?

Mojo Capitals Investment Costa del SoWe recommend you watch our previous video with the three founders to learn more about the concept of Mojo Capitals and what you can expect as an investor. But to put it briefly, Mojo Capitals is a unique concept established by Per Mønsted, Jacob Johansen and Joachim Voola Schiødtz, who is the CEO of Mojo Capitals I A/S. It is an innovative version of the traditional capital fund for people who want to invest in properties on the Costa del Sol to renovate and resell to achieve a high ROI (Return On Investment) with a local partner who can take care of the whole process, but where the investor is still along for the ride.

And this is where Mojo Capitals comes into the picture. We take care of everything – purchase of a property, total renovation, possible holiday rental and finally, resale within a maximum of six years. Subsequently, the deposit and profit will be repaid, and if you have invested via a Danish company, the profit will be tax-free.

Word is spreading fast on the sunny Spanish coast (as you may be aware), so you can also read about the unique investment opportunity Mojo Capitals offers its investors in the latest Society magazine.

Our investment plan, timeline, and reference projects

The form of investment we use is called private equity ownership. Our investment strategy is based on innovation, sustainable solutions, and, most importantly, good business acumen.

Mojo Capitals I A/S is a closed-end fund based on a six-year investment plan aiming to create the best possible ROI for our investors. “Time is money”, and we are well aware of that; however, we give ourselves up to a year to find the best possible properties to invest in and subsequently five years to develop these, so you as an investor can get the most out of your money.

Check out our six-year investment plan and timeline below.

Find out how we put the strategy into practice in the video from the studio, where Jacob and Per review four of the 12 reference projects. Here, you can see the development of three properties currently being renovated in Elviria, Nagueles, and Sierra Blanca in Marbella. You can also see the final result of a complete renovation of a townhouse in Riviera del Sol in Mijas, which led to a total ROI of 57,34%.

See an overview of the 12 reference projects and their profit in the table below.

Profit Overview

Advantages of investing in Spanish properties via Mojo Capitals

Mojo Capitals has various benefits compared to other investment funds on the Costa del Sol. First and foremost, it has all the support offered by the concept that we call the House of Mojo. This means that the capital fund has access to all our in-house services, such as brokers and lawyers, for a good price plus some BIG tax advantages.

Mojo Capitals I A/S can achieve a higher ROI thanks to the various financial advantages obtained through the House of Mojo and the structure of the capital fund. These advantages are as follows:

Our goal is an annual return of 10% after Spanish tax – and the best part is that the profit will be tax-free if you invest via a Danish holding company.

Moreover, we do things differently compared to traditional capital funds – well, compared to most companies on the Costa del Sol. You can therefore expect to become part of the journey from when we tear down the first wall to when we have a buyer and a contract ready!

We will regularly send video reports, photos and other documentation to our investors and have personal onsite meetings to ensure transparency and good communication throughout the entire process.

Why is it a good idea to invest in properties on the Costa del Sol?

If you become an investor in Mojo Capitals I A/S, you will invest in the Spanish housing market, specifically the Costa del Sol. As a result, you contribute positively to the local community through the fund’s ESG objectives.

Below you can see some of the positive effects your investment contributes to.

Do you want to know more about property investment on the Costa del Sol? Find out more about the process and things you should take into consideration.

Per Moensted

03 Sep 2022

Per Moensted